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Gyotaku, The Japanese Art of Fish Printing

The art of Gyotaku fish printing ("Gyo" = fish, and "taku" = impression — the Japanese Art of Fish Printing) has fascinated me since I began printing in 1997. Each of my Gyotaku prints is a one-of-a-kind original created using natural fish, water-based oil paints and acid-free archival papers. My passion for fishing and fisheries resources, coupled with my fisheries biology background and artistic expression, inspire me to create unique Gyotaku fish prints that bring the natural beauty of fish to life. Visit My FishPrinting Shop...

Gyotaku (pronounced ghee-oh-tah-koo), the Japanese art of fish printing originated in Japan over 100 years ago as a way of recording trophy catches prior to the modern day camera. Today Gyotaku has become a popular art form enjoyed by many, and the prints are said to bring good luck to fishermen. read more...

I drove 4400 miles round trip to reteive my most treasured piece of real art! The print was a 50th birthday gift from my good friend and artist Andrew Jensen and his wife Melanie. I hung it the day I got home, before I even unpacked the car! I had forgoten how much it meant to me, It will always be with me and passed on to my daughter when I`m gone! Thank you Andrew!!

— Rod G.

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