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Gyotaku (pronounced ghee-oh-tah-koo), ("gyo" = fish, and "taku" = impression), the Japanese Art of Fish Printing originated in Japan over 100 years ago as a way of recording trophy catches prior to the modern day camera. Today Gyotaku has become a popular art form enjoyed by many, and the prints are said to bring good luck to fishermen.

There are two methods used in Gyotaku art, the direct method, and the indirect method. I use the direct method, in which paints are applied directly onto the side of a real fish, then special acid-free paper or fabric is carefully pressed on to the fish, and when lifted, a detailed mirror-image fish print is revealed. Painting the fish in it’s natural color is a challenging and enjoyable experience; with each fish I paint and print, my goal is to create a unique Gyotaku art piece that accurately portray’s the species, bringing enjoyment to all who see it. Using a variety of beautiful natural fiber papers adds to the unique quality of each print.

Each print is a one-of-a-kind-original. Being a die-hard fisherman, who also had an appreciation of art, Gyotaku seemed to me to be the perfect combination of fisheries and art. Fish On!!

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