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Gyotaku ("gyu" = fish, and "taku" = impression), the Japanese Art of Fish Printing, is a unique fish art alternative to taxidermy. My Original Gyotaku Fish Prints are a unique, original art alternative to taxidermy, that will give you the opportunity to have a fine art piece, for your home or office, that is a "spouse approved" trophy of your prized catch. Gyotaku Fish Prints have become a popular art form, and the prints are said to bring good luck to fishermen.

Gyotaku the Japanese art of fish printing
Gyotaku Fish Print

The fish do not necessarily need to be "Trophy" size. They can be a fish that you want to be able to have a trophy of, to remember the catch and experience. My goal is to provide each customer with a unique fish print that will bring enjoyment for years to come. Turn your fishing memories into fine art.

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