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As a Fisheries Biologist and a Gyotaku artist working with various fish species, I am dedicated to the long-term preservation of our fisheries and sustainable sport fishing. There are numerous organizations that are working on achieving the preservation of our valuable fisheries resources. Many of these organizations rely on contributions from individuals who believe in the same mission.

That is why with every purchase, One 4 Fish Prints will donate 5% of the purchase price of each item sold, to an organization of your choice, that is dedicated to sport fishing conservation, sustainable management of our fisheries resources, and preservation of our fisheries now, for the future. If you do not have a specific organization in mind, One 4 Fish Prints will choose one on your behalf. This is a way for you to “Pay it Forward” and truly be “One 4 Fish”.

I Pay It Forward to the following organizations:

Gyotaku | Japanese Art of Fish Printing

Coastal Conservation Association - Pacific Northwest

Trout Unlimited

Salmonid Restoration Federation

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