Gyotaku | Japanese Art of Fish Printing


The art of Gyotaku fish printing ("Gyo" = fish, and "taku" = impression — the Japanese Art of Fish Printing) has fascinated me since I began printing in 1997. Each of my Gyotaku prints is a
one-of-a-kind original created using natural fish, water-based oil paints and acid-free archival papers. My passion for fishing and fisheries resources, coupled with my fisheries biology background and artistic expression, inspire me to create unique Gyotaku fish prints that bring the natural beauty of fish to life.


Gyotaku | Japanese Art of Fish Printing

I have spent years studying the Gyotaku art form, trying new techniques, experimenting with various fish species and papers, and truly enjoying creating high quality and unique fish prints. Painting the fish in it’s natural color is a challenging and enjoyable experience; with each fish I paint and print, my goal is to create a unique Gyotaku art piece that accurately portray’s the species, bringing enjoyment to all who see it. Using a variety of beautiful natural fiber papers adds to the unique quality of each print.

My wife, daughter and I happily live in Redding, California. In addition to being a Gyotaku artist, I work as an Environmental Scientist with the State of California, tasked with maintaining the high quality of waters in the streams and lakes of Northern California. In 2007, I started ‘One 4 Fish Prints’, a business dedicated to quality Gyotaku prints, sustainable use of fisheries resources, conservation of existing fish populations, and the advancement of the Gyotaku art form.

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